Commandant's Message


Good mornign to everyone....
I recieved a call from Robert at the Coliseum and he has us down to work the cage fights this coming  Saturday night, the 24th.  We need to be there to set up the concession stand at 1700 hrs (5pm).  Doors open at 1800 hrs (6pm) and the fights start at 1900 hrs (7pm).  I am not able to work it this weekend due to a prior commitment.  For those of you willing to work please contact me or let the Commandant know that you are able to be there.  For setup we only need 3 to 4 people.  Once the doors open is when we need th bulk of workers.  From past experience the fights are usually over by 11pm or 11:30.  We clean up and close shortly before that. So count on 6:30 to 11:30.
Bob Smith
Past Commandant
Boomer Det 1288
Lawton/Ft Sill, Ok