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18 May 2013

Boomer Detachment, along with members of the Marine Artillery Training Detachment stationed at Ft. Sill, participated in the annual Armed Forces Day Parade.  The parade is held each May to honor all who have served.  Below are just a hand full of pictures that show the military sprit in the Lawton / Ft. Sill Community.

Joint Color Grd 1Joint Color Grd 2

Poncho BulldogBoomer Float 2013

Mar Bat 1Mar Bat 2

Boomer Detachment Presents Award to Comanche County Fairgrounds.

Pague Award

5 June 2012

At the recent State Marine Corps League Convention, held June 1 through 3, Fred Blaylock was chosen as the MARINE OF THE YEAR for the entire State of Oklahoma Department of the Marine Corps League.  This is a prestigious award given by the State Department to a members of  the State of Oklahoma Department only.  Former MCL recipients of the Marine of the Year are the only members who may select the awardees.  Congratulation Fred and may we say, " Well Deserved!"

2 March 2012

Fred Blaylock was chosen as Boomer Detachments 1288's Marine of the Year.

  Boomer Detachment 1288 Marine of the Year 2011-2012

The Boomer Detachment 1288 nominates Fred Blaylock as their Marine of the year.  Mr. Blaylock has been one of the founding members of this Detachment and has worked tirelessly to help build this Detachment into a strong cohesive unit that it is today.  Fred has served as our Commandant and our Senior Vice Commandant.  He is also a member of the Military Order of Devil Dogs.

During the startup of the Detachment, Mr. Blaylock organized our banking needs and then went into the community and sought out our first much needed business donations.  Without these donations, the Detachment would have had an almost impossible task of reaching out to newer members and maintaining the ongoing Detachmentís operations.

Mr. Blaylock put together and coordinated the State of Oklahoma Departmentís annual meeting that was held in Lawton, Oklahoma.  Many of the attendees have commented that the meeting and activities along with the banquet were of excellent quality.

Mr. Blaylock is not only our Detachment Chaplain and has been for the pasted three years but he has also been the State Departmentís Chaplain for the past three years.  Fred has seen to the spiritual needs of not only our Detachment but he also attends every Marines funeral whether that Marine was a member of our Detachment or not.  His presence at these funerals has shown the families of these Marines that no Marine is left alone on the field, not even in death, until internment.



Oklahoma Marine Corps League Gathers in Tahlequah

Members of the Oklahoma Marine Corps League recently held their convention in Tahlequah with the Cherokee Nation as hosts. Here the group is shown visiting the Cherokee Nation Warriors Memorial located on the grounds of the W.W. Keeler Tribal Complex. Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chad Smith and Deputy Principal Chief Joe Grayson, Jr., who is himself a veteran, were made honorary members of the group.




22 February 2010

The dining in photo is available at a cost of $18.00.  If you would like one please contact Mo.  A copy will be at the meeting on the 6 March.


Services will be held for Charles A. Gibson at Temple United Methodist Church, 401 W. Oregon St., in Temple, Oklahoma.  Burial will follow at Temple Masonic Cemetery, Temple, Oklahoma.   Services will be held at 1330.

27 January 2010

A moment of silence in honor of a fallen Sailor.  Chuck Gibsonís father passed last night, 26 January 2010, in Temple, Oklahoma.   Please keep Chuck and his family in your prayers as they go through this time of loss.

At 1300 on 29 December 2009, Brittney Steinert was awarded a check for $500.00. This check was presented for the Theresa Steinert Scholarship.  The presentation was held at the Marine Corner in Snow Hall. The Scholarship will be awarded each year to a High School Senior that writes the best essay on a patriotic topic that will change from year to year.  Brittney is the first recipient of the award.

Brit 1                    Brit2

Brittney Steinert & Commandant Ken Price                                Jim Mozingo                    Eric Hunter    Mike Baker

                                                                                                                                                   Joe Villarreal    Ray McGee    Bob Smith

                                                                                                                                    Fred blaylock    Brittney Steinert 


Theresa Steinert Scholarship will be awarded to Brittney Steinert on 29 December 2009.  The presentation will be held at the Marine Corner in Snow Hall at 1300.  All Marines that are able to attend are requested to be present.

I have the sweatshirts completed.  They are ready for pick up. Please
call prior to stopping to pick them up as I will be running about.
Freddie and Nora Reynolds did them at no cost to our Detachment.
Please call them to tell them thank you their # is (405) 489 7285.

For members who are going too help at the concession stand this winter, there will be a food handlers course at City Hall in the Council chambers December 9th at 1545.  The cost is $15.00 and they only accept cash.  Please attend because we need a lot of help performing this fund raising event.


11/19/09 Fred and Kaye update

Karla took them to the Dr. in Wichita Falls this afternoon.  Fred has
been out of his boot for a week and half already and has been driving a
bit.  His shoulder pain seems to have subsided.

The Dr. was both pleased and impressed with the amount of bone growth on
Kaye's ankle.  Because there has been no infection he wants to leave it
on another 4 weeks to allow more bone growth.  Yes, that is what they
said last time as well.  So, we will go month to month until the pins
are ready to be removed from Kaye's ankle.  She needs to keep generating
that Vitamin D.  He emphasized again that regardless of how well her
bone heals he will have to operate at least one more time in order to
lengthen the achilles tendon.  Their next appointment is December 17.

After the appointment they stopped at the Rehab Hospital in Wichita
Falls. They passed out gift baskets and high fives to the nurses,
therapists and staff who were all glad to see them doing so well.  The
grab bars and rails that Bob installed at home have been just perfect.
Kaye is able to get in and out of the bathroom and the bed without
assistance.  They have a wound care nurse come in weekly and a physical
therapist 3 days a week.  Additionally, at least once a day there is a
delivery of chow from some members of their church.  It is certainly
apparent that they are glad to be in their own home again.  Please keep
them in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to recover. 


Kaye cell 580-678-0416
Fred cell 580-678-0706

HOME 580-355-3505

Please welcome our newest member, MSGT Donald Mills.  Mr. Mills is from Sterling, Ok.  We look forward to meeting Mr. Mills at our next regularly scheduled meeting.

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